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The 5 Biggest 2021 Wedding Trends you Need to know

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Our 2020 wedding trends are ideal starting points as you plan your celebration. Whether you’re into ‘90s nostalgia or going eco-friendly, these ideas can work for every wedding style and personality.

Here’s the thing about wedding trends—they don’t really matter all that much. We know, that may sound weird coming from a wedding-focused company, but it’s the truth. Yes, it’s nice to familiarize yourself with 2020 wedding trends if you’re getting married soon, but remember that your wedding should be all about you and your partner. If some of these trends resonate with you and you’d like to use them in your wedding, awesome. If not, no biggie. You’ll find that these 2020 wedding trends are less specific and more open to interpretation (no “pampas grass is the new greenery” here) so you can take your own spin on them. Because after all, the things that make your wedding unique are the things that make them amazing.

1. ’90s babies are getting married—and featuring unique nostalgic elements in their weddings.

2. The “grandmillennial” look is the new vintage. 

3. Yes, Instagram-worthy wedding details are trending—but they have to feel personal, too. 

4. When it comes to wedding decor, the bolder, the better. 

5. Couples are thinking about the bigger picture—not just their wedding, but how it can impact the world.

Wedding of Jon and Gosia (Testimonials)

After meeting online in 2014 our relationship blossomed very quickly and we moved in together less than a year later.

After a while we talked about marriage and whether we wanted to do it again, as we had both been married once before. We decided it would be good to have another wedding and mark our lives together with something beautiful.

So after some searching online we came up with the idea of doing it abroad with a dramatic sea backdrop. Santorini was top of our destination list so we contacted Irina at Santorini Weddings and she took it from there.

We were able to discuss with her every detail of the wedding that we wanted and nothing was too much for her to handle.

When the wedding day finally came around in August 2019 we found it to be every bit as good as we imagined. Our three daughters made some beautiful bridesmaids for us.

Then we (bride and groom) we driven to the beautiful town of Imerovigli for a photoshoot.

Although we both found this a very difficult hour to get through because we were both fully dressed up for the wedding and the 3pm sun was burning down on us, the results from our photoshoot made everything well worth it.

After the shoot we were driven to Santos Wines for the ceremony and after 15 mins of cooling down in the shade we were both ready to go.

The ceremony went very smoothly with our happy registrar and it was quick which is what we both wanted.
Our wedding reception was booked just a short walk away at Pyrgos restaurant in Pyrgos.

As our guests were walking there we we treated ourselves to a helicopter tour of the island which was amazing.

We were able to land just outside Pyrgos restaurant and we could see all our guests filming us as we landed.

Gosia changed into a second dress that she had also made for herself. The buffet food at Prygos was delicious and everybody had an amazing time.

Overall we were very pleased with everything about this wedding, the island, the location, the weather, the photos and video, and the seamless way it was all organised by Irina. None of us present at this wedding will ever forget it!
Jon & Gosia

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Wedding in Santorini