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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Santorini?

If you choose a wedding destination between Santorini and Crete, Cyprus, Italy, we highly recommend you to compare the pictures of these destination, you will notice that Santorini’s advantage is obvious!

You can make a beach wedding by the water in your own country as well, there is nothing special in it. But only in Santorini the weddings take place on the picturesque cliffs, on the snow-white venues with sea and volcano views.

The wedding photo shooting is held on the most beautiful places of the island, on cliffs with the colorful Caldera views  in front of the white and blue houses of Cycladic architecture, on the roofs of the buildings embedded in the rocks with volcano views, on the beach.

We have three different beaches in Santorini. They are red, white and black. There is a  unique vegetation on the island, bright bougainvillea clusters are falling down from the roofs of white houses. You can see there palm trees, olive, pomegranate and orange trees growing right on the streets.

It is a myth that a wedding in Santorini is more expensive than in Athens, or in Crete. If you consider the budget  and make the right choice of wedding venue you can see that the budget of a wedding in Santorini and the prices for packages may be even lower than in other areas, but the quality of services and the beauty of the island is obvious!

Is Santorini the most expensive island in Greece?

It is a myth! Holidays in Santorini are not more expensive than on any other Greek island and in Cyprus as well.

Santorini is considered to be the pearl of the Aegean Sea, the most beautiful island in Europe, it is the top destination for organizing Wedding Ceremonies. You should book the hotel according to your budget. For example, the prices for hotels in Oia and Imerovigli are higher than in Kamari, since the hotels are located on the Caldera cliffs with volcano views.

If you stay in Kamari, that is the tourist center of Santorini, you can enjoy the direct access to the beach, reasonable prices at the restaurants and hotels, excellent infrastructure and its only 10-15 minutes drive to the capital of Santorini, Fira by car.

Therefore, you can go to Oia for a walk, whenever you want, it is extremely beautiful town! It takes 1 hour to drive from one edge of the island to another.

Which month of the year is it better to go to Santorini?

The wedding season lasts from April to October. But we have ceremonies in March and November as well, and even in the winter months if it is needed.

In 2019, in the end of November, the temperature was 20 degrees above zero in Santorini. In December, the temperature averages from 11 to 16 degrees above zero.

In July and August , an average temperature is  22 – 30 degrees, but in fact it may be warmer during the day. In October and April , an average temperature is 20 – 25 degrees above zero, maybe higher.

Weather conditions on the island (rain, wind). Force majeure at a wedding.

Weather conditions on the island (rain, wind). Force majeure at a wedding.

The wedding season in Santorini lasts from April to October. But we have the ceremonies in March and November as well, and even in the winter months if needed. In 2019, in the end of November the temperature was 20 degrees above zero in Santorini. 

In December, the temperature averages from 11 to 16 degrees above zero. In July and August, an average temperature is 22 – 30 degrees above zero, but in fact it may be warmer during the day. In October and April, an average temperature is 16 – 25 degrees above zero, maybe higher.

It can be windy in any month, or it may not be at all, but you should not be afraid of the wind, a lot of unique photos are taken when it is windy. But when you wake up on the wedding day and the weather is windy, it is advisable to ask the hair dresser to take care about the hair do so that the hair is not on the face during the ceremony. Rains in Santorini are very rare, not strong at all and warm.

It can be raining for about 5 minutes and then the sun comes out again. Of course, there are force majeure clauses, but for this case you have an experienced wedding planner who foresees all possible situations in advance and makes your wedding day perfect in any case. We always have a plan “B”.

How many days before the wedding do we need to come to Santorini?

In the case of a symbolic ceremony you can come in the morning,( for example by cruise ship) arrange a ceremony in the afternoon and go back to the ship in the evening the same day. But I would not recommend it. 

The best option is to come to Santorini at least for 3 days prior the ceremony since we must have a pre-wedding meeting with you in our office to talk about all the details of the wedding day once again.

If you have official wedding, you need to be on the island 1 working day (or better 2 days) prior the ceremony and 1 working day after it, because the city hall does not work on weekends.

What is the timing of the day?

Timing of the day is the basis of a successful wedding. This is what we write in the contract and sign with the client. This is a kind of wedding day schedule, the order of services, the exact time of each service.

The success of the wedding depends on how the timing is obeyed. For example, if the  stylist, photographer or transfer driver is half an hour late, the whole organization is postponed, you do not have time to shoot the morning of the bride, and if you try to keep up, you are late for the ceremony.

In Santorini you can not be late for the ceremony, this point we also sign in the contract. You will have professional wedding planner who will take care about timing. One more example is when the timing indicates the dancers and cutting the cake, and at this very moment we launch the fountains of fireworks.

We consider every second in timing. And if at this very moment the bride decides to change her dress, without informing your wedding planners about that all the program will be ruined. It is very important to work with an experienced local wedding planner who takes care about the program flow but your personal responsibility is no less important. At the pre-wedding meeting the final timing of the day is fixed and everything is in order.

If for some reason you are behind of timing, you must inform your wedding planner about it, so that we will solve the problem, but not you in your wedding day. We try to do our best to make your wedding day stress free and ideal! These are big words, but we have been organizing the wedding ceremonies for 10 years now, so we can assure you that we will take care about each single detail, so that you will be happy enjoying the most important day of your life!

Where is it better to stay on Santorini? Hotel reservation.

There are two options for choosing the hotels in Santorini. The first is to choose a villa or hotel with Caldera and volcano views, as a rule these hotels are more expensive than those located on the coast. They are located in Oia, Imerovigli, Fira, Akrotiri, they have panoramic views but do not have direct access to the sea.

The second option is hotels on the coast, on the beach, with sea views. They are located in Kamari and Perissa. Their cost is lower than those on the Caldera, they have direct access to the beaches, but do not have panoramic views of the volcano. Our advice is to accommodate the guests on the coast, in the tourist town Kamari. There is an excellent infrastructure, bus connections around the island, shops, boutiques, a supermarket, night clubs, a beautiful promenade. Our office is also located in Kamari. If necessary, the couple or their guests can always visit us if you need help. I do not recommend taking hotels in Perissa, since it is very far from the center of Santorini, from the capital and the cost for transfer is much more expensive. You can reach Perissa beach within 10 minutes from Kamari by boat. If you go by car, it will take you about 30 minutes.

Our advice for the bride and groom is to take a hotel in Caldera for a few days during the wedding, and to accommodate the guests in Kamari, so that they are all together in one town. And after the wedding you can also join them and move to a hotel in Kamari for a beach vacation. 

Transfers. Car rental in Santorini

In our office you can book any transfers, port or airport-hotel-port or airport, hotel-wedding location-hotel, any other necessary personal transfers, taxi, car rental. You can order transfers in advance, or right in the office at the time of the meeting.

If you plan to rent a specific car, then let us know in advance so that we can book or assist you with the reservation directly. We have good prices for transfers, we work with trusted contractors and guarantee you the quality of service.

But if you book transfers or any other services yourself, be prepared to provide us with the phone numbers of the performers, as we will call them to confirm your reservation. One small  mistake (for example, the bus does not arrive to take the guests on time) can cost you a lot of nerves and the day will be ruined.

To avoid it all the details are discussed and double-checked with you in person on pre-wedding meeting. The pre-wedding meeting takes you from an hour to three hours, depending on the complexity of the wedding itself. But after the meeting, based on hundreds of our brides reviews we can assure you that the wedding day will be perfect!

The work with our agency. How to choose the wedding planner. (Santoweddings) is an official wedding agency and our office is located in Kamari, the tourist center of Santorini. (Santoweddings) wedding planners speak several foreign languages, which enables us to translate the ceremony from Greek into English, Russian, Romanian, Italian, Spanish and Estonian languages. Our couples come to Santorini from different countries.

The work with our agency begins with your first message. As a rule the wedding planners answer the mails immediately.

We will send you the wedding offer and if everything suits you, we can have a phone call or video call to get to know each other better. We will answer all your questions in details. Judging by the conversation you will understand the level of the professionalism of our wedding planners.

Also, the psychological compatibility between the bride and the wedding planner is very important. The bride must feel relaxed and enjoy the wedding organization. We will take care about all details and issues.

We will offer you different options of wedding venues. You will be able to see both the professional pictures of the venues and pictures or videos shot by mobile to see how this or that wedding location looks like without decoration and editing.

We will calculate the total budget of the wedding and offer you the choice of photographers, stylists, videographers websites so that you know exactly who you will work with on the day of wedding. We will ask you to contact a stylist or photographer directly to get acquainted with them as well and to discuss your bridal look and photo shooting details.

During the preparation, we will become good friends indeed) We try to do our best to make the bride relaxed and happy. The more information you know beforehand, the easier it will be for us to work with you.

After that we sign the contract.

Being in touch with the wedding planner in Santorini!

It goes without saying that you will have all our contacts before coming to the island. Our office is open every day from 8.00 to 23.00. In the office you can also book many different excursions and transfers.

There is always the manager there, who will take care about you. On the day of wedding we will be in touch till the moment when you and your guests come to the hotels after the celebration.

Why is the pre-wedding meeting with your wedding planner in the office needed when you are in Santorini?

The pre-wedding meeting is essential to go through the organization details once again. At the time of your arrival in Santorini, we will already have a fixed program, all the services will be booked, but when the couple is in our office we confirm all the services with contractors once again.

We adjust the time of services, because at the time of arrival on the island the couple may have any changes, especially regarding transfers for the guests. These details are discussed in the office before the wedding. Sometimes the guests change their hotels, the arrival time is changed etc. 

That is, there are many details for the final discussion. We discuss every detail, starting from the color of rose petals ending with serving of your dessert at a restaurant. We have a very comfortable office, smiling and friendly staff, we will be happy to treat you with tasty local drinks, we will give you all the information, for example, where you can steam a dress, where there is a good food, where the entrance to the sea is better, etc. 

If you need excursions or a trip to another island, there is also have a travel agency in our office and our managers will help you with the reservation. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Which wedding venues to choose

Absolutely all the wedding venues in Santorini are very beautiful, snow-white, located on the Caldera, on cliffs, on rocks with panoramic views of the colorful Caldera mountains and volcano. Some of them are really big, accommodating from 2 up to 150 and more people.

These are Santo Wines, Santorini Gem, Le Ciel, Roca Bella, Oceanis Estate, Venetsanos, El Viento . And there are smaller ones that can accommodate from 2 to 30 people.

These are Andromeda, San Antonio, Villa Irini, Ilioperatos, Suites of the Gods. In each case we will recommend you the one that will suit you best of all. The choice of the wedding venues depends on your wishes and preferences, on the availability of a particular date, on your budget. Some venues offer only a ceremony area, while other venues offer a ceremony and reception area. Everything is discussed individually with your wedding planner.

Which restaurants to choose in Santorini?

Some wedding venues already have their own restaurants or private halls.

But also, you can choose a venue for a ceremony and restaurant for a wedding reception. In fact, the distances in Santorini are small, so it will not be difficult to arrange the transfer for the  guests from the ceremony venue to the restaurant.

Typically, the restaurants have a privacy rental, but there are those that don’t have any rental at all. Please contact us, in each individual case we will tell you which option to choose. It all depends on your preferences, budget and number of guests. We know all the restaurants on the island and will help you make the right choice.

What is the best time for the ceremony?

The time of the ceremony depends on the date of your wedding, on venue which you choose, and on the position of the sun. 

We will tell you the best time for the ceremony when you inform us about all these details.

What age is suitable for the ceremony?

There is no age limits when we talk about love, the people of different ages can exchange the vows on the beautiful island. 

As a rule the couples come to us to celebrate wedding anniversaries, to arrange a memorable ceremony of exchanging vows of love. 

The exchanging the vows in Santorini is a wonderful gift for your parents on their wedding anniversary.

Can I use my own vows?

Yes, of course, you can write your vows and read them, or you can read the vows of Mr. Kavalaris (the Registrant) first, and then yours. Just keep in mind that you need to think about the printing of vows in advance, and not to read them from the phone, so that your vows  are beautifully designed.

I do not advise you to learn the vows by heart, since the exchange of vows is a very emotional moment, you can forget a lot from what you wanted to say, and then you will regret about it.

It is better to have beautiful postcards with written vows, so that if it is necessary you could peep if you stammered.

The guests on the wedding in Santorini.

In fact, the wedding ceremonies are held in Santorini with or without guests. A lot of couples come to us for unforgettable emotions for an intimate wedding.

There are situations when you can not invite all the guests, as there are a lot of them, and the budget does not allow you to do this, so the way out is to organize the intimate wedding for two of you.

In this case, you belong only to each other, nobody distracts you, you are completely relaxed and enjoy the moment. You can also bring your closest relatives with you to Santorini.

If you want to have big wedding, you can invite the guests. As a rule everyone wants to spend their holidays in other countries, you can say to your guests that this year it is better to visit Santorini and at the same time to attend your wedding. Based on our experience, guests are always delighted with this idea!  In this case, we advise the couple to take more days of holidays in Santorini to spend some time with the guests and to enjoy the rest of  vacation together with your beloved on the most fabulous island of Europe!

As a rule, the guests pay for tickets and accommodation themselves, but you will definitely have to pay for a wedding reception and all the transfers around the island needed for guests. It is a good idea to organize the voyage to volcano with the swimming in hot springs on the second day after the wedding.

The official and symbolic ceremonies in Santorini (vows exchange).

Both ceremonies are absolutely identical. The only difference between symbolic and official wedding is that we will not send you the legal marriage certificate in a few weeks after the marriage. You can sign all needed papers in your country and come to Santorini to have a fabulous wedding ceremony.

What documents are required for an official marriage in Santorini.

You can see all the documents that are necessary for official marriage in the section “Legalities

Is the marriage registered in Santorini recognized by other countries?

The official marriage registered in Santorini is recognized in all countries. But for citizens of some countries, for example Israel, the official marriage cannot be registered in Santorini. In this case, it is better to make a symbolic ceremony. Please contact us for advice.

Can I rent a wedding dress in Santorini?

We don’t recommend you to rent any wedding dress on the island. The wedding dress needs to be prepared in advance, not to worry about this issue.

Can I buy wedding rings in Santorini?

We don’t recommend it, since the size may not fit, and besides, looking for the rings will take an indefinite time.

When the documents are issued?

As a rule, documents are sent to your address in a few weeks after the wedding.

The second day after the wedding. The voyage by yacht or ship to the volcano of Santorini with swimming in hot springs.

The voyage to the volcano with swimming in hot springs is the best celebration of the second wedding day. This is an unforgettable experience! If you have more than four guests, it is ideal to take a private voyage so that there is no one else on the board except your company and the yacht team. 

The price includes transfer «hotel-boat-hotel», BBQ from different kinds of meat, grilled royal shrimps, seafood salads, snacks, unlimited wine, unlimited non-alcoholic beverages and beer. You will experience the swimming in hot springs, going to the nearest islands, snorkeling , excursion to the volcano and around the island.

You can see all beautiful places of Santorini from the sea. The yacht will bring you to the old colorful Greek port. Please contact us to check the price and availability of the yacht.

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